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LeechCraft 0.4.90 is released

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LeechCraft milestone 0.4.90 "Stay the Course" is released!

As we move towards the 0.5.0 release, our releases get more tested and with less new features. Sorry us, that will change back again after the 0.5.0 release :)

So, some new hot features for this release:

Of course, this is a brief list of changes. As always, you can read more detailed overviews of the new features in the corresponding digests: #10, #11 and #12.

Packages for Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick, Natty and Oneiric would hopefully be available in a few hours, as well as ebuilds in the official Gentoo portage. Windows build is also coming.

Stay tuned!

Development digest #12

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Last week (more or less) in LeechCraft:

  • Added autoidentify feature to Azoth Acetamide.
  • Azoth now supports for protocols that allow exchanging contacts.
  • Implemented XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange to Azoth Xoox.
  • Allow one to set different themes for normal chats and multiuser conferences.
  • Added quite nice GoneDark theme to Azoth AdiumStyles's default themes set.
  • Fixed styling in Azoth and Azoth AdiumStyles: now more Adium themes are interpreted correctly.
  • New accounts in Azoth can now be created from the Azoth menu.
  • Fixed several bugs in Azoth Acetamide and Azoth.
  • Win32 build fixes for BitTorrent.

Development digest #11

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We haven't published development digests for almost a month, since we mostly did administrative issues, like getting into Gentoo repos, and such. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of changes:

  • Acetamide now supports configuring channels, including chanmods, banlist, except list and invite list.
  • Added support for /say command in Acetamide.
  • Support the "Important" tags for items in Aggregator.
  • Frames with ads are also hidden now in Poshuku CleanWeb.
  • Added support for running external commands in AdvancedNotifications.
  • Speed up Aggregator BodyFetch by orders of magnitude by caching scripts.
  • Disable unneeded things like JavaScript or images in Aggregator BodyFetch when parsing downloaded web pages.
  • Added KeepAllTags() getter in Aggregator BodyFetch supported scripting API.
  • Poshuku CleanWeb now supports the third-party attribute in filter lists.
  • Optimized Poshuku CleanWeb a bit: plain strings are matched using plain string matching algorithms instead of wildcard matching.
  • Allow to load default rules set in AdvancedNotifications.
  • Finally AdvancedNotifications is considered stable enough for the save procedure to be uncommented.
  • Draw own avatar and protocol icon in Azoth's contact list.
  • Automatically fix channel names in Acetamide by prepending # if it's not present.
  • Support /leave command in Azoth.
  • Added "Quote" action in Azoth.
  • Show free space in BitTorrent when adding files.
  • Moved data processing back to main thread in Aggregator BodyFetch, thus some thread-related bugs in QtWebKit don't occur anymore.
  • A whole class of bugs has been fixed, when an object mentioned in a notification was already deleted by the time the user activates the notificaton.
  • Handle self vcards correctly in Azoth Xoox.
  • Correctly handle content resend errors in Poshuku.
  • Some micro improvements in Azoth: dynamically detect rename ability, respect lack of MUC support in protocols, don't suggest registering with "Metacontacts" protocol.
  • Fixed support for notifying about each conference message from Azoth in AdvancedNotifications.
  • Fixed handling of the Ctrl+C shortcut in Azoth.
  • Fixed FlashOnClick in Poshuku CleanWeb.
  • Fixed ordering of links in Azoth p100q.
  • Fixed dependencies calculation in Core.
  • Optimized contact list delegate in Azoth.
  • Lots of fixes in Acetamide.
  • Show localized plugin descriptions in Core plugin manager.
  • Migrated to new signal/slot-style hooks in Core.
  • Initial support for Qt 4.8.

Plugins for site mirroring (Otzerkalu) and libvlc-based media player are also in progress, but they are currently not merged in the master branch. And maybe the first one, Otzerkalu, would be in the 0.5 release.

We've also begun considering implementing the VFS and dashboard in LeechCraft. But unfortunately since current support for VFS implementations in Qt is declared deprecated and nothing has been proposed instead, the VFS development is currently halted.

While it's all clear what VFS should be, things are a bit more complicated with the dashboard. The best analogue of it among the already-existing and stable projects is possibly KDE's Plasma workspace. What we are currently thinking about is a plugin that allows to open tabs populated with different widgets written in either QML or plain-old-good C++ (or, of course, Python and other scripting languages supported by LC). There will be a whole news item dedicated to dashboard things soon.

LeechCraft in Gentoo repos!

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A couple of days ago LeechCraft was added to the official Gentoo repositories! No need to add third-party overlays to install LeechCraft now: one could just do emerge leechcraft-full with official repositories. Of course, up-to-date instructions are available at our download page.

Of course, this limits what we can do with our ebuilds, but that's even good — thanks to the quality requirements, we've finally fixed few small but annoying things in LeechCraft and QXmpp. And, of course, we hope that it would help more users to try LeechCraft out.

Currently LeechCraft 0.4.85 is available in ~amd64 and ~x86. Live ebuilds are also available, but masked with **.

Development digest #10

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We haven't published any digests for some two weeks, and that's because we've been working very closely on the Advanced Notifications framework, and we made pretty usable already for the end-user. The corresponding plugin, AdvancedNotifications, is described in details on its page.

We also have some other news for you:

  • Added support for metacontacts via the Azoth Metacontacts plugin.
  • Support for XEP-0027 (OpenPGP) has been introduced into Azoth Xoox.
  • Azoth now supports protocols with PGP support and allows to assign private PGP keys to accounts and public keys to contacts.
  • Azoth Acetamide now supports the /msg command.
  • Bookmarks and autojoin in Acetamide.
  • Nicer contact list in Azoth.
  • Suggest rejoining a channel after being kicked.
  • Search by title in TabsList module.
  • Show tab numbers in TabsList.
  • Support data forms in messages in Azoth Xoox.
  • Allow to request voice in Azoth Xoox.
  • Allow to publish VCards for Azoth Xoox.
  • Self contact in Azoth Xoox.
  • Allow to disable by-status grouping in Azoth contact list.