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LeechCraft 0.5.0 is released

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MUC with Adium styleMUC with Adium style


Today LeechCraft 0.5.0 «Saviour Welcome Home» is finally released!

This is a yet another major release of LeechCraft, and we are really proud to announce it. A lot has changed since the 0.4.0 release more than a year ago. The most significant change is, of course, Azoth — our brand new multiprotocol modular IM client. It has plugins for XMPP (quite sophisticated, in fact) and IRC protocol in this release, and support for Windows Live Messenger and Mail.Ru Agent is already in master. It also has a bunch of other plugins, like Adium styles support, antispam module, OTR encryption support plugin, spellchecker, TeX formatter and autopaster.

This release also introduces:

Also, LeechCraft was optimized a lot. Particularly, heavy RSS operations like feed updates don't slow down the whole app anymore.

Packages for supported OSes will be ready soon. As always, instructions for installing are available on the Download page. Source tarball is already available at SourceForge.

Those interested ones may find all the release announcements corresponding to milestones in the 0.5 series by the 0.5.x tag.

Regarding the future plans, we already have the following in our master branch for the next releases:

  • new tabbed interface and concept — LeechCraft Sidebar;
  • support for MSN/WLM and MRIM protocols in Azoth (and more are coming!);
  • better, faster and more compatible Adium styles;
  • mail client;
  • new libvlc-based mediaplayer;
  • infrastructure for syncing settings and data of the whole application between different computers;
  • module for network storage management like Yandex.Disk;
  • much, much more.

We also plan to add support for Google Chrome extensions and move on to multiprocess WebKit (but that requires Qt 5). An intelligent application-wide semantic storage is also on its way.

LeechCraft 0.4.99 is released

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LeechCraft 0.4.99 "Decimate the Weak" is released!

In this release, the last one before The Great O-Five-O:

  • Azoth: entry info is copyable now.
  • Azoth: fixed quite a lot of memory leaks.
  • Azoth: shortcut for showing/hiding side widget with roster. One should press Ctrl+J and then A for that.
  • Azoth ChatHistory: added plugin icon.
  • Azoth Rosenthal: fixed suggestions display.
  • Azoth Xoox: fixed cases where nick was empty.
  • Core: fixed cases where no tab plugins are present.
  • Kinotify: word-wrap: break-word; for themes.
  • LackMan: always update actions metadata.
  • LackMan: backported changes for repository format from master branch.
  • LackMan: backported support for xz/lzma archives from master branch.
  • Poshuku: Adobe Flash is working again.
  • Other: fixed Windows build.

Source tarball is available here.

LeechCraft 0.4.98 is released

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LeechCraft 0.4.98 "Ill Part Two" is released!

In this, one more bugfix release:

  • Aggregator: fixed incorrect boost.optional usage.
  • Aggregator: fixed segfault on startup due to incorrect DB settings.
  • Azoth: proper icon for Draw Attention action.
  • Azoth: fixed segfault when opening chat with entries that are gone.
  • Azoth: correct context menus on entries with non-latin names.
  • Azoth Acetamide: fixed join/leave/kick messages (fixes segfaults with AdiumStyles).
  • Azoth AdiumStyles: fixed /me-related bug.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles: fixed self-closing tags in themes.
  • CSTP: correctly set UA from settings.
  • Kinotify: seemingly fixed parenting-related bugs.
  • Poshuku: fixed text margins in URL edit.

Source tarball is available here.

Threaded storage in Aggregator

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Storage operations in Aggregator were always single-threaded and performed in the main GUI thread. Particularly, feed updates were also performed in the main thread, including fetching already-existent items from the database, looking for modified ones, updating modified items and inserting new ones. That resulted in a terrible overall performance during feed updates — one could tell when Aggregator decides to update its feeds just by feeling how sluggish and slow LeechCraft interface suddenly becomes for a dozen of seconds.

That's in the past now. Yesterday all that feed updating machinery was moved to a separate thread, and only parsing the downloaded feeds is done in the main GUI thread now, but I doubt that it is really worth moving that into a separate thread as well — XML parsing is fast as hell and is hardly the performance hotspot.

The threaded architecture allows moving arbitrary operations into the storage thread as long it makes sense from the UI point of view. For example, marking whole channels as read or unread was also moved into that separate thread, but it hardly makes sense to fetch items of the currently selected channel to that thread — user would wait for this operation to complete anyway, and it's fast enough for user to not start doing other stuff.

Threaded storage is already tested with SQLite and PostgreSQL on Linux and generally seems to work. It should work with any PostgreSQL/MySQL installation and with most modern SQLite installations. Though, if SQLite was compiled without threading support, Aggregator would misbehave, likely resulting in segfaults. In this case, file a bug to your distro's SQLite maintainers. And, of course, the usual warning: threaded storage is still quite experimental and not thoroughly tested, so bugs may happen.

This change only applies to the master branch: it won't be included in the upcoming 0.5 release.

LeechCraft 0.4.97 is released

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LeechCraft 0.4.97 "Shadow Walker" is released!

In this (purely bugfix) release:

  • Aggregator: updated the list of feeds.
  • Azoth: fast change status button offline by default.
  • Azoth: added perr.svg to Likey iconset.
  • Azoth: fixed drawing groups heading.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles: detect outgoing messages in MUCs.
  • Azoth ChatHistory: select proper history item.
  • Azoth Xoox: fixed Ad-Hoc commands.
  • Azoth plugins: more plugin icons.
  • BitTorrent: optimized updating pieces model.
  • BitTorrent: optimized calculating interesting pieces.
  • Core: correctly handle arguments from local socket. The name of LeechCraft executable isn't considered an argument anymore.
  • CSTP: fixed handling redirections for internal tasks. More working feeds in Aggregator now!
  • EiskaltDC++: fixed building with Boost-1.48 and later.
  • Poshuku OB: sync fixes.
  • Poshuku OB RIL: fixed uploading empty bookmarks.

Source tarball is available. Packages for various OSes and distros would be available shortly.