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Development digest #17

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The last week and a half we introduced a dozen of new packages with emoticons, affiliation icons, mood icons, chat window styles and such to LackMan's repositories. Moreover, Laure plugin again got some attention from Ignotus, and seems like it's already in quite a usable state for plain music playback. We've also introduced the More this stuff support across LeechCraft for displaying just those packages that are relevant to the context. For example, if user clicks on the More this stuff button in the chat window style setting, he will be presented with a list of available chat window styles. For that to work, our XML settings dialog markup language now supports the attribute that allows to have More this stuff buttons where needed, and LackMan now supports communicating with other plugins in order to show just those packages that are relevant to the chosen More this stuff category.

Poshuku hover boxPoshuku hover box

Among other changes:

  • Added the "Group send" feature to Azoth.
  • Poshuku: display links on hover in a nice box on the viewport instead of status bar (see the screenshot on the right).
  • LackMan now gives a bit more space to the descriptions of the packages.
  • Added periodical updates feature to LackMan.
  • AdvancedNotifications now supports toggling audio notifications via quick launch area and tray menu.
  • Aggregator now supports removing individual channels by user.
  • Allow one to disable displaying conference join/leave events in Azoth.
  • Azoth now has buttons to install more different icons/themes in settings.
  • Fixed layouts a bit more in Settings tab.
  • #489: fixed displaying image in Azoth p100q from original post in each comment quote.
  • #492: hide Inspect action in Azoth context menu when developer extras are disabled.
  • Fixed viewport size issues in Poshuku.
  • Fixed rare emoticons mishandling in Azoth.

Development digest #16

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The last week or so Laure got the most attention, being constantly developed by Ignotus. Nevertheless, other plugins got their share of attention as well, and here is a list of some changes:

  • Added new plugin, Azoth Isterique, for removing excessive caps lock usage in incoming messages.
  • Action for changing bookmarks in Azoth right in contact list context menu.
  • #475: Allow one to join bookmarked conferences from contact list context menu.
  • Added an option to hide conference participants from the whole CL.
  • Small refactoring for bookmarks management in Azoth.
  • Allow one to save pixmap without redownloading in Poshuku.
  • Added "WatchActionIconChange" property to iconable actions.
  • More fixes for imports in Azoth AdiumStyles. Even more themes should work now.
  • #487: Uncheck dependent plugins when disabling root plugin.
  • #467: Don't remove conference participants that have left since they written our contact, but we haven't read their messages yet.
  • Fixed bookmarks manager in Azoth.
  • #465: Fixed handling of tags with the '/' symbols in Azoth p100q.
  • #466: Fixed cases when post IDs weren't detected in Azoth p100q.
  • #480: Removed excessive line breaks in Azoth p100q.
  • Lots of fixes for contact list rendering in Azoth, like configurable inter-contacts spacing, and such.
  • Fixed a couple of segfaults in Aggregator on exit.

Development digest #15

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In the last couple of weeks we mostly fixed bugs, but a few new interesting features were also introduced. Firstly, a small plugin called KnowHow was added, which displays tips of the days on startup. Then, Ignotus made a lot of stuff in Potorchu, our libvlc-based media player, and it even was renamed to Laure. Finally, Poshuku migrated to another kind of web view, resultin in a slight performance increase.

But those are not all the changes! So here is the more or less full list:

  • Added KnowHow plugin for displaying tips of the days on startup.
  • Potorchu, our libvlc-based media player, was renamed to Laure and got so many improvements that it's hard to describe them all here.
  • AdvancedNotifications now supports enabling/disabling rules and single shot rules.
  • Poshuku now supports enabling WebGL for corresponding QtWebKit versions. And it really works!
  • Poshuku migrated to QGraphicsView-based web view, resulting in a bit increased performance, especially with effects-rich CSS3-(ab)using web sites.
  • Azoth and Azoth Xoox now support inviting to MUCs.
  • Azoth now supports dragging contacts between groups.
  • Files could be sent via IM by dropping them on corresponding contacts.
  • Metacontacts could be created by dropping contacts on other contacts in Azoth.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles now supports variants for styles.
  • Azoth now allows one to disable the display of contact statuses.
  • Core now supports tooltips for settings items.
  • "Diagnostic info" tab in Core.
  • More agressive caching of resources in core and Kinotify so that much less disk access is required now. Improves performance and battery life in notebooks a bit, preventing necessary HDD spinups.
  • Lots of small fixes for Otzerkalu.
  • Saner buddy avatar display in chat tab in Azoth.
  • Lots of other small fixes in Azoth.
  • Fixed themes that include much external resources from disk in AdiumStyles.
  • Some fixes for Poshuku OnlineBookmarks.
  • LackMan now works with Windows.

Development digest #14

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Last couple of weeks was dedicated to Poshuku OnlineBookmarks. Thanks Oleg Linkin aka magog for all his work on that plugin.
DZhon also did a lot to make LeechCraft more buildable and manageable on Windows. He contributed some Windows-related fixes to LeechCraft as well. Lots of thanks as well :)

  • Reworked Poshuku OnlineBookmarks: it's almost rewritten from scratch. Particularly, it now supports its own plugins, and exact bookmark services are implemented as plugins. Currently supported services are Read It Later and
  • Implemented Azoth OTRoid for supporting Off-The-Record messaging system in Azoth.
  • Initial work on Choroid, our nice image viewer.
  • Aggregator now queues updates of feeds instead of updating them all at once: no more lags on update!
  • Allow one to set password in account configuration dialog in Azoth, closes #403.
  • Last Activity is now set properly in Azoth Xoox.
  • Azoth Xoox now respects lack of support for XEP-0085 in other clients.
  • Azoth now sends directed chat state participation events.
  • Lots of small fixes in Azoth and Azoth Xoox.
  • Fixed a rare though possible segfault on exit in Azoth Chathistory.
  • Lots of Win32-related improvements.

Development digest #13

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We are getting closer to the feature freeze, thus the list of new features shrinks for each new digest. Nevertheless, since the 0.4.90 milestone there are quite a few new features:

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