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Development digest #2

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So, we haven't published any digests in the last couple of weeks, and the next delay would be even lengthier, since most of us have finals now, but nevertheless, some new features have been introduced.

  • Added support for Psi+ and Kopete emoticons packs in Azoth NativeEmoticons (thanks Magog).
  • Fixed loading resources when started with current directory not equal to leechcraft.exe directory on Windows.
  • Added search in the contact list in Azoth.
  • Support for password-protected rooms in Azoth Xoox.
  • Added new plugin, Azoth HiLi, for customizing highlights in the MUCs. Highlights could be triggered by plain strings or by regexps.
  • p100q plugin for Azoth now supports parsing tags and selecting them, and user avatars are also shown (thanks Ignotus).
  • Added GM_addStyle, GM_getValue, GM_deleteValue, GM_setValue, GM_listValues, GM_openInTab, GM_getResourceText, GM_getResourceURL and GM_log functions in Poshuku FatApe, the GreaseMonkey support layer (thanks Nobodyzzz).
  • Kinotify became more system palette-aware, as well as some default text styles for different contexts were added. Should look fancier now.
  • Outgoing messages don't contain a datetime stamp now in Azoth Xoox.
  • Fixed a segfault when closing a tab in Poshuku with an active context menu.
  • Several fixes in Acetamide (thanks Magog, once again).
  • Rather not user-oriented, but nevertheless: documented Poshuku's hooks and changed signatures of some of them.

Development digest #1

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After some discussion in our development team, we've decided to periodically publish development digests in the news section of this site. The digests would primarily cover new features and decisions by the dev team. They won't be strongly periodical, but would rather be published as long as there is enough new material or to announce something really important.

So, today the first digest is published, and we'd like to note the following changes done in the last couple of weeks:

  • Azoth now supports configuring MUC rooms, and the configuration functionality is implemented in the Xoox plugin.
  • Major improvements in Acetamide 2, the rewrite of IRC protocol support in Azoth, have been merged in the master development branch. For example, Acetamide now supports all the commands from the RFC 2812, and CTCP request/replies are now shown in the current tab.
  • Entity handler dialog has been reworked a bit, so that "Browse" is now a button, and it allows to choose the correct path without closing the dialog.
  • Work has been started on the emoticons converter which is to convert emoticons packs from other clients into LeechCraft Azoth's own native format. The repository is at Currently only Kopete is supported, Psi support is on its way.
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