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Poshuku SpeedDial

Poshuku SpeedDial provides the Speed Dial start page for the Poshuku browser.

SpeedDial shows a separate list for most visited sites, so if you visit, say, separate pages quite often, the site will be shown in the list as well, though each page isn't visited often enough to be shown in the pages list.


  • Two separate lists for most visited pages and most visited sites.
  • Manual mode, when only a list of predefined URLs is shown.


LMP HttStream

LMP HttStream adds HTTP streaming capabilities to the LMP player.

HttStream encodes the currently playing audio into Ogg Vorbis and streams it to the clients connected (if any). HttStream supports multiple different servers on different addresses and ports with configurable encoding quality.


  • Configurable streaming quality for different addresses.
  • Automatic starting of the audio playback on first client connect.
  • Automatic stopping of recoding when there are no clients connected.



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LMP FrAdj provides a 10-band equalizer effect to LMP with support for presets.

LMP BrainSlugz

LMP BrainSlugz is the discography completeness checker.

BrainSlugz uses other plugins like MusicZombie to fetch up-to-date discographies of artists in your music collection, and shows what albums, EPs and other types of releases are lacking. It also fetches the tracks information for the missing releases, so you can easily preview them by clicking a single button.


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Eleeminator is the LeechCraft Embedded Terminal. Currently this plugin is Linux-only.


  • Multitabbed interface.
  • Automatic highlighting of links in terminal output.
  • Configurable color themes, fonts and other appearance.
  • Detection of running processes on tab close.


Eleeminator tabEleeminator tab

Closing tabs with running processesClosing tabs with running processes

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