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XMPP conference moved

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The server has some stability issues lately, so we've decided to move our XMPP discussion to the conference. Please update your bookmarks!

Well, not moved, actually. We still will be available at the old server, but all the discussion (hopefully) will happen on the

Autobuilds service

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We've finally managed to set up a continious integration server: meet our Jenkins instance!

For now it only uses a Debian Unstable build node to test as full plugins set as the distro supports, but we think of adding a couple of other build nodes to test builds on common distros like recent openSUSE and Ubuntu versions. Seems like we can also perform test builds of GitHub pull requests automatically as well, but that requires some more elaboration.

A CI server also allowed me to migrate to clang as a primary compiler instead of gcc, leading to faster compile times, better error messages and more issues caught in the code thanks to the warnings. If I'd migrate to clang without anything like a CI system I'd have to manually run gcc over the code quite often since gcc has its own quirks. Or maintainers would have quite a lot of build failures.

Less pain for the maintainers, more fun!

Maillist moved

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Hi there.

Our maillist previously hosted on SourceForge has moved to Google Groups primarily due to the insane amount of spam on the former.

The maillist is both for users and devs, and we see it as a way to discuss stuff that requires more concern and time to think about than what's typically discussed in our XMPP room. It also compensates somewhat the lack of forums on our site.

Donations via PayPal now available

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We've finally got an account on PayPal, so donating us is now a little bit easier. Previously only Yandex.Money service was available making it hard for people from countries other than Russia and some other CIS members to donate.

So, please send us a couple of bucks if you find this project useful. Though, to be honest, contributions on forms of code, translations and UI are even more welcome!

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