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Image sources

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Image source is a plugin providing (possibly hierarchical) image collection to other plugins. The images should have a public URL and a few other attributes.

For example, the Blasq module provides images from the cloud services, while the LHTR editor module can embed them into the document being edited. Firstly the user selects the service to embed images from:

Then one chooses the images to add (on Blasq side):

Then one can configure parameters like previews size, alt text, alignment and so on (now on the LHTR side):

And finally (on the Blogique side, in which LHTR embeds):

Monocle with data filters

Monocle with data filters

Monocle with the selected part of a PDF document ready to be processed by data filters. Both text and image data filters are illustrated.

Data filters

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Data filters are plugins that consume some data like text or images from other plugins. They may be the end point of processing or pass it further to other plugins.


A screenshot tool may save or upload the screenshots itself, or it may just pass this duty to the image data filters. The filters could then upload the image to a dumb imagebin, or to a collection on Flickr, or perform arbitrary modifications to the image (like applying Instagram-like filters) and pass it along to other data filters.

A document reader can pass the selected text to text data filters for searching in Opensearch engines or uploading it to a pastebin. The following screenshot illustrates this:
Data filters in MonocleData filters in Monocle

The exact functionality of the data filters doesn't matter to the plugin producing the data. Moreover, data filter plugins are "passive" — that is, data is fed to them by data producers. The producer plugins can choose between different data filters, with or without user interaction.

Data filter types

Image data filters

Text data filters

Modules using data filters

Image filters

  • Auscrie for handling screenshots.
  • Monocle for handling selected parts of a document as images.
  • Poshuku for handling full-length web page shots.

Text data filters

  • Azoth for handling selected chat text.
  • Monocle for handling selected document text.
  • Poshuku for handling selected text on web pages.

LeechCraft concepts

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LeechCraft has quite a few concepts that relate rather to interaction and communication between plugins then to separate plugins. This book is about these concepts.

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