Last week or so something great has happened: EiskaltDC++ is now working again in LeechCraft, thanks Negativ, the author and main developer of EiskaltDC++, for porting it to the new LeechCraft’s tabs system. And, of course, despite finals, there are some other changes. So, a bit more detailed list follows:

And, maybe the last change, the broadcast notifications, should be better explained.

Previously, all entities in inter-modular LeechCraft bus were not broadcast, and the first plugin that accepted an entity was fed with that entity, and the processing stopped after that. Now, if the entity is not a delegation request and there are no downloaders that are ready to accept that entity, the entity is fed to all the plugins that accepted it, not the first one.

Taking the user notifications example, previously, only visual notifications plugin or audio notifications plugin (assuming the latter is present) could handle the entity, but not both. You would either get sound or get a nice popup, but you could never get them at once. Now, the corresponding entity is fed to both of these plugins, so it is possible to have to a visual notification and hear a sound simultaneously from the same event.

There is also a small downside of this change. Previously, if two different visual notifications plugins were used, like, libnotify one and Kinotify, only the first one was used. Now, you would get notifications through both libnotify and Kinotify, unless you explicitly disable one of them (or unless your system doesn’t support libnotify).