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List of plugins

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LeechCraft currently has over 120 plugins, and not all of them are listed here.

Key plugins

A highly flexible, powerful and configurable notifications framework.
RSS/Atom feed reader with support for lots of formats, RSS extensions. It also supports broadcasting and autodiscovery.
Modular multiprotocol IM client. Following protocols are supported:

Other sub-plugins:

  • AdiumStyles — supporting Adium styles.
  • Autoidle — autochanging status due to inactivity timeout.
  • Autopaste — plugin for automatic pasting of long texts to pastebins instead of chat sessions.
  • ChatHistory — adds support for storing history of chats and related features.
  • Depester — allows to ignore specific multiuser chatrooms participants.
  • EmbedMedia — plugin for showing media objects like flash videos or images directly in the chat window.
  • Herbicide — a basic antispam plugin.
  • HiLi — allows to customize parameters of highlights in conferences.
  • Juick — enhances experience with the microblogging service.
  • LastSeen — records contacts' last online and availability time on client-side.
  • Metacontacts — support for metacontacts.
  • Modnok — inline displaying LaTeX formulae.
  • MuCommands — provides IRC-style commands.
  • NativeEmoticons — for supporting emoticons packs in Psi+, Kopete and own format.
  • p100q — enhances experience with the microblogging service.
  • Rosenthal — enables spellchecking based on Hunspell or Myspell dictionaries.
  • StandardStyles — basic styling support.
  • Xtazy — plugin for publishing currently playing tune.
Fast and feature-rich client for the BitTorrent network with support for DHT, magnet links, sequential and selective downloading, renaming and lots of other features.
LeechCraft package manager for installing script plugins, iconsets, additional data and other similar packages.
Collection-oriented media player with support for Last.FM, MP3tunes and a bunch of other features.
Modular document reader, with support for different document formats, like PDF, DjVu, PostScript and fb2.
Full-featured WebKit-based web browser.
  • Poshuku CleanWeb — AdBlock+-compatible ads filter.
  • Poshuku FatApe — GreaseMonkey support layer.
  • Poshuku FileScheme — Provides support for the file: scheme.
  • Poshuku FUA — allows to set fake user agents for different URLs.
  • Poshuku OnlineBookmarks — allows to synchronize bookmarks with services like Read It Later.
  • Poshuku Pogooglue — for instant googling of selected text.
Provides support for scriptable plugins, currently JavaScript and Python are supported.
Next-generation side panel with tab manager, quick launch area and support for quarks like TPI and Lemon.
Plugin showing current tasks, recent events like unread channels in Aggregator, allowing to perform searches and much more.

Other plugins

  • AnHero — KDE-based crash handler.
  • Auscrie — makes screenshots of the LeechCraft window and sends them to the an imagebin service.
  • Blogique — the blogging client.
  • CSTP — clean & simple HTTP implementation.
  • DBusManager — provides communications with the external world via D-Bus.
  • DeadLyrics — fetches sont lyrics.
  • Dolozhee — bug/feature request reporter.
  • Fenet — the window manager and compositing manager controller.
  • GActs — global shortcut manager.
  • Glance — provides thumbnailed grid overview of tabs.
  • GMail Notifier — provides notifications about new mail in your GMail inbox.
  • HistoryHolder — stores downloads history.
  • KBSwitch — keyboard layout configurator.
  • Kinotify — provides fancy kinetic notifications.
  • Krigstask — taskbar and desktop pager.
  • Lads — Unity integration layer.
  • LastFMScrobble — adds support for Last.FM.
  • Launchy — allows one to launch third-party applications.
  • Lemon — network interfaces monitor quark.
  • Liznoo — LeechCraft power manager.
  • Mellonetray — system tray for LeechCraft.
  • MusicZombie — MusicBrainz client plugin.
  • NetStoreManager — manages network storages like Yandex.Disk allowing to upload new files and maintaining the list of uploaded ones.
  • NetworkMonitor — monitors HTTP requests passing around LeechCraft.
  • New Life — settings importer from various other web browsers, feed readers, BitTorrent clients etc.
  • Otlozhu — GTD-inspired TODO manager.
  • Pintab — allows to pin important tabs so that they occupy less space.
  • Popishu — simple text editor with basic syntax highlighting, code folding and such.
  • SecMan — provides storage for sensitive personal data like passwords and such.
  • SeekThru — client for OpenSearch-enabled web sites and engines.
  • ShellOpen — simplifies opening files downloaded via LeechCraft by other applications.
  • Syncer — allows to synchronize data and settings between LeechCraft instances running on different machines.
  • TabSessManager — manages tab sessions.
  • TabsList — shows the list of currently opened tabs and allows to quickly navigate between them.
  • TouchStreams — client plugin for audio streaming.
  • TPI — task progress indicator quark.
  • vGrabber — audio/video finder/grabber for the web site.
  • Vrooby — removable devices manager.
  • XProxy — advanced proxy server configuration manager.