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Blasq is the client for various cloud image storage services, like Flickr or Picasa. The exact storage services, which are listed below, are implemented via subplugins.

Blasq supports both fetching image collections and the images themselves and uploading images to remote services (where applicable). Other plugins like Blogique may also use Blasq for inserting images into blog posts, for example.



  • Fetch image collections.
  • Display and download images.
  • Upload images to the cloud image storages (including mass upload).
  • Delete images.
  • Support for the data filter concept for uploading images from other plugins.

Please note the list of supported features may differ from service to service.

Supported services

Via the Spegnersi subplugin. Image uploads aren't supported yet.
LiveJournal FotoBilder
Via the DeathNote subplugin.
Via the Vangog subplugin.
Via the Rappor subplugin.