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Aggregator is a client for RSS/RDF/Atom feeds with support for various RSS extensions. It also allows to subscribe and automatically fetch podcasts and any other data.


  • BodyFetch for automatic fetching of full news bodies.


  • Support for feeds in RSS 2.0, RSS 0.93, RDF, Atom 0.3, Atom 1.0.
  • Support for common RSS/Atom extensions and modules like GeoRSS, MediaRSS, iTunes podcasting and Comment API.
  • Support for OPML — format for exchanging feed lists. Both local lists and lists stored on remote servers are supported.
  • Support for podcasts and automatic retrieval of enclosures.
  • With a suitable media player plugin like LMP it's possible to play (stream) podcasts without downloading.
  • Fetch arbitrary data with regular expressions from news items and download it.
  • Tagging channels and support for the application-wide LeechCraft tag base.
  • Grouping of channels by their tags.
  • Filter news by string, wildcard or a regular expression and by their categories.
  • Show news from several feeds simultaneously.
  • Show news as a tape.
  • Set individual options for each channel like the update timeout, maximum number of stored news and their age and enclosures downloading.
  • Store data either in SQLite or in PostgreSQL.
  • Use a web browser plugin to show news in a fancy way if it's available.
  • Autodiscovery feature to automatically find news feeds on web sites.
  • Export feeds to the FB2 format which is suitable to read on handheld devices.