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MUC with Adium styleMUC with Adium style

Service DiscoveryService Discovery

Psto in AzothPsto in Azoth

Azoth is the modular IM client for LeechCraft.

Totally in the spirit of LeechCraft, Azoth is modular itself. For example, protocols are provided by corresponding plugins, so Azoth is a multiprotocol client as well. Modularity also allows Azoth to be flexible, extensible and enables the modules to use each other and avoid code and functionality duplication.

Unlike other multiprotocol clients which tend to implement only those features that are present in all the protocols, Azoth is modelled after the XMPP protocol, aiming to provide extensive and full support for XMPP while remaining usable for other protocols.


Azoth supports the following protocols (links point to the pages of corresponding modules):

Key features

  • Multiple accounts.
  • Metacontacts.
  • Server history.
  • Nested groups that are handled as tags for contacts.
  • File transfers.
  • Audio calls.
  • Rich text messages.
  • Extended statuses: current mood, tune, activity.
  • Full support for multiuser chatrooms.
  • Bookmarks and history of visited conferences.
  • Invites to conferences.
  • Handling URIs for joining multiuser chatrooms, adding items to contact list and such.
  • Different emoticons packs and animated smiles.
  • Notifications about chat state participation.
  • Group message delivery.
  • In-band registration.
  • Delivery notifications.
  • Attention requests.
  • Service discovery.
  • PGP-encrypted messaging.
  • OTR.
  • Support for exchanging contacts.
  • Support for search.
  • Optional groupless contact list mode.
  • Image sending via data filter plugins.

Please note that some of these features depend on the underlying protocol implementation.

Other plugins

  • AdiumStyles for supporting Adium styles.
  • Autoidle for autochanging status due to inactivity timeout.
  • Autopaste for automatic pasting of long texts to pastebins instead of chat sessions.
  • ChatHistory for, well, storing logs of chats.
  • Depester for ignoring specific multiuser chatrooms participants.
  • EmbedMedia for showing media objects like flash videos or images directly in the chat window.
  • Herbicide, a basic antispam plugin.
  • HiLi for customizing highlight settings in conferences.
  • Juick for enhanced experience with the microblogging service.
  • LastSeen for recording contacts' last online and availability time on client side.
  • Metacontacts for supporting metacontacts.
  • Modnok for inline displaying LaTeX formulae.
  • MuCommands for IRC-style commands.
  • NativeEmoticons for supporting emoticons packs in Psi+, Kopete and own format.
  • OTRoid for supporting Off-the-Record messaging.
  • Rosenthal for spellchecking based on plugins like root-level Rosenthal.
  • StandardStyles for basic styling support.
  • Xtazy for publishing currently playing tune.