Azoth Xoox provides support for the XMPP protocol in Azoth.

Xoox is based on the QXmpp library.

Feature highlights

XEPs matrix

This table summarizes the status of different XEPs in Azoth Xoox.

XEP Notes
XEP-0004: Data Forms
XEP-0012: Last Activity
XEP-0016: Privacy Lists
XEP-0027: Current Jabber OpenPGP Usage
XEP-0030: Service Discovery
XEP-0045: Multi-User Chat
XEP-0047: In-Band Bytestreams
XEP-0048: Bookmarks
XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands
XEP-0054: vcard-temp
XEP-0055: Jabber Search
XEP-0060: Publish-Subscribe
XEP-0065: SOCKS5 Bytestreams
XEP-0077: In-Band Registration
XEP-0078: Non-SASL Authentication
XEP-0080: User Location
XEP-0082: XMPP Date and Time Profiles
XEP-0083: Nested Roster Groups
XEP-0084: User Avatar
XEP-0085: Chat State Notifications Clients with old entity caps XEP don’t send these notifications to Azoth.
XEP-0090: Legacy Entity Time
XEP-0091: Legacy Delayed Delivery
XEP-0092: Software Version
XEP-0095: Stream Initiation
XEP-0096: SI File Transfer
XEP-0100: Gateway Interaction
XEP-0106: JID Escaping
XEP-0107: User Mood
XEP-0108: User Activity
XEP-0115: Entity Capabilities Versions of this XEP prior to 1.4 aren’t supported.
XEP-0118: User Tune
XEP-0122: Data Forms Validation
XEP-0126: Invisibility
XEP-0128: Service Discovery Extensions
XEP-0136: Message Archiving
XEP-0138: Stream Compression
XEP-0141: Data Forms Layout Allows to group data fields together.
XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange
XEP-0145: Annotations Allows to add notes to contacts.
XEP-0146: Remote Controlling Clients Allows to control the client remotely, for example, for fetching unread messages.
XEP-0147: XMPP URI Scheme Query Components
XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatars
XEP-0158: CAPTCHA Forms
XEP-0163: Personal Eventing Protocol
XEP-0166: Jingle
XEP-0167: Jingle RTP Sessions
XEP-0176: Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method
XEP-0184: Message Delivery Receipts
XEP-0199: XMPP Ping
XEP-0202: Entity Time
XEP-0203: Delayed Delivery
XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element
XEP-0224: Attention
XEP-0231: Bits of Binary
XEP-0232: Software Information
XEP-0245: The /me command
XEP-0249: Direct MUC Invitations
XEP-0277: Microblogging over XMPP
XEP-0280: Message Carbons
XEP-0313: Message Archive Management

The colors match these statuses:

Planning In progress Done