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Azoth Murm

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Azoth Murm provides support for VKontakte messaging via native API instead of XMPP.

Using native API allows Murm to support various additional features not available via XMPP API, such as displaying photos in messages (as well as other media attachments) or fetching more information about users than is available in VCards provided via XMPP. Moreover, XMPP will be closed on August 31 this year.

Feature highlights

  • Support for multiuser chats.
  • Photos and videos attached to messages are displayed in the chat window.
  • Audio tracks attached to messages are offered to be played or enqueued in players like LMP or downloaded.
  • Support for manipulating friends groups.
  • Emoji support.
  • All sent and received messages are displayed in Azoth, even if a message was sent from another client, VKontakte site or a mobile client.
  • Full support for OTR (if the corresponding plugin is also installed).
  • Support browsing server history.