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LeechCraft Music Player is a collection-oriented music player based on GStreamer1.


  • Collection-oriented music player with playback statistics.
  • Collection synchronization with portable media players, with transcoding.
  • Support for scrobbling played tracks to services like Last.FM.
  • Automatic fetching of album art if it's not present.
  • Support for requesting a bunch of information from services like Last.FM, including:
    • artist biography;
    • similar artists;
    • personalized recommendations;
    • recent releases by the artists in user's library;
    • events nearby;
    • hyped tracks and artists.
  • Fetching artists' discographies from MusicBrainz.
  • Previewing artsits, tracks and albums from VKontakte.
  • Support for fetching lyrics.
  • Gapless playback.
  • ReplayGain support.
  • Support for automatic calculation of ReplayGain metadata for audio tracks in collection, with support for album mode. The calculated data is stored in the collection database, leaving audio files intact.
  • Support for radio streams (of course, including Last.FM radio).
  • Play queue with different play modes like sequential, shuffle, repeating track/album/whole playlist.
  • MPRIS support.
  • Undo/redo for play queue.
  • Dynamic playlists like "50 Random Tracks".
  • Static playlists.
  • Support for M3U8, PLS and XSPF playlist formats.
  • Fast threaded collection scanner.

Some features in the above list rely on other plugins like LastFMScrobble.




Similar artistsSimilar artists

Artists browserArtists browser



Recommended events nearbyRecommended events nearby

Recent releases with discographyRecent releases with discography


Transcoding parameters on syncTranscoding parameters on sync

Tray iconTray icon



Audo tags editor.


  • Mass audio tags editor.
  • Automatic fetching of audio tags via audio fingerprinting and plugins like MusicZombie.
  • Renaming according to the mask and tags.
  • Splitting CUE files into separate tracks.


Allows LMP to synchronize and upload music collection to MTP-enabled portable devices.


1 LMP uses Phonon instead of GStreamer in versions before and including 0.6.0.