AdvancedNotifications plugin provides support for the Advanced Notifications framework: a highly configurable, flexible and powerful notifications system.

This plugin allows one to define a set of rules for handling different events and notifying user about them. AdvancedNotifications currently supports several notification methods: via system tray, via standard visual notifications, via sound notifications and by invoking an external command. It comes with a set of predefined rules suitable for typical user needs.

AdvancedNotifications also supports creating rules directly from other plugins, so that Azoth can offer creating a notification about a user changing status in two clicks, for example.


AdvancedNotifications works by matching each event notification against a list of rules defined by the user (of course, there is a pretty sane default setup). The rules are matched from top to bottom. These rules contain a set of conditions that must be fulfilled for the rule to be triggered.

Different plugins may define additional fields that could be used as conditions in the rules. For example, Azoth defines such fields as sender name, sender ID, sender groups, message body, etc.

So, for example, a rule could be written to ignore all the messages from a given contact, unless they contain some keyword, or a different notifications sound may be used for incoming messages from, say, “Personal” group.

Visual method

This notifier uses another visual notifications plugins already present in LeechCraft, like DBusManager’s libnotify support or Kinotify.

AdvancedNotifications plugin introduces quite a handy feature though: identical notifications are compressed into one, so that, for example, when you come online and get a lot of messages from the same contact, you’d see only one notification about these messages.

System tray method

System tray notifier is designed to be used for events that user must be informed about.

It displays different icons for different categories (IM is currently supported, News is coming) and provides a fancy tooltip with the list of events and corresponding actions (if any). Old-style menu is also supported by right-clicking the corresponding category icon. It also allows to enable event counter for different categories, which draw the amount of events over the icon.

Sound method

Notification rules may also define the sound to play when an event occurs.

As with visual method, AdvancedNotifications doesn’t play these sounds by itself, instead, another plugin is used (currently LMP only).

There are some predefined rules with corresponding sounds, for example, on incoming message, multiuser chat highlight, and such.