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Poshuku is a full-featured WebKit-based web browser.


  • Poshuku is WebKit-based thus supporting all major modern web-standards.
  • Infinite undo of page closes.
  • Integration with other plugins. For example, Aggregator uses Poshuku to show items' texts, and SeekThru shows search results with Poshuku.
  • Support for international domain names.
  • Saving forms data (via additional plugins as storage backends).
  • Support for autodiscovery-links on external entities. This way links to news feeds and OpenSearch descriptions are automatically found and suggested with Aggregator and SeekThru installed.
  • Tagging bookmarks and support for the common LeechCraft tags base.
  • Filter history and bookmarks by a string, wildcard or regular expression.
  • Address line with smart autocomplete which suggests more probable URLs based visits frequency and dates.
  • Support for SQLite, PostgreSQL and MySQL for data storage.
  • Easy lookup of selected words in installed search engines, for example, via SeekThru.
  • Search in installed search engines from the address bar.
  • Support for XBel.
  • Support for full-length page screenshots with data filters concept.
  • Reload timer.
  • Adjustable notifications about page load events.
  • Cookies manager to edit and delete cookies.
  • Bookmarks checker to keep your bookmarks up-to-date.
  • Support for inspecting and changing the DOM tree on the fly.
  • JavaScript debugging and profiling.
  • Detailed statistics for the page load.


  • CleanWeb, the AdBlock-compatible ad blocker.
  • DC/AC, the color invertor.
  • FatApe, our GreaseMonkey userscripts support layer.
  • FileScheme, support for the file:// URLs.
  • FUA, which allows to set different user agents for different URLs.
  • SpeedDial, providing the speed dial start page.