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BitTorrent is a feature-rich, fast and efficient client for BitTorrent protocol.

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  • Support for DHT.
  • Magnet links support.
  • Sequential download mode where torrent is download sequentially instead of typically random behavior.
  • Torrents queue, limiting number of seeding/leeching torrents and smartly rotating them. Rotation depends on torrent's seed time, ratio and other parameters.
  • Ability to rename files and directories in the torrent and to change directory layout.
  • Selective download: possibility to select specific files from torrent for download and set per-file priorities.
  • Continue downloads left by any other client.
  • Support for sparse files.
  • Tags for torrents.
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits.
  • Connection number limits.
  • Fast resume support to avoid long startup times.
  • IP filter to block/unblock unwanted peers.
  • Support for extension protocol
    • PeX
    • lt trackers
    • BEP 17 and BEP 19-compatible web seeds.
  • Local peers discovery.
  • Multitracker torrents support. Tracker requests can be either sequnetial or parallel (in ĀµTorrent style).
  • Scrape support.
  • UDP trackers support.
  • Support for super seeding mode.
  • IPv6
  • Merkle hash tree torrent format.
  • Seed mode, in which files are checked on first request instead of full check on startup.
  • Support for HTTP/SOCKS proxy servers.
  • Support for tracker connection compression.
  • Support for automatic port mapping on routers supporting NAT-PMP and UPnP.