We are happy and proud to announce the release of LeechCraft 0.4.0.

This is a huge step forward since the 0.3 release, both in terms of code and architecture things and in UI, usability and, of course, the featureset.

Since 0.3.0, we’ve introduced a better and easier to understand user interface, several new plugins like Qrosp for scripting support, LackMan for package management and lots of others smaller plugins. Of course, there were tons of improvements and bugfixes in already-existing plugins.

LeechCraft 0.4.0 is already packaged for Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 and is available, as always, at ppa:0xd34df00d/leechcraft, there are also ebuilds in rion overlay for Gentoo and PKGBUILDs for Arch Linux. Windows installer is also available.

Please give it a try and report bugs, incosistencies and anything you find. You can find us at Jabber conference at leechcraft@conference.jabber.ru and you can also use the leechcraft-users@lists.sourceforge.net maillist.

By the way, it’s still hard to develop the application by myself with rare contributions from other people. So, if you are the one of the following: