Today is our next milestone release, the 0.4.75, “Focus Shall Not Fail”.

This release incorporates a great change: EiskaltDC++, an awesome Direct Connect and Advanced Direct Connect client, now serves as LeechCraft plugin. So, LeechCraft can now download stuff via NMDC and ADC in addition to BitTorrent (and HTTP, of course).

Azoth, our IM client, has also been improved a lot. Its IRC implementation, the Acetamide plugin, is completely reworked and now supports RFC 2812 among new features.

XMPP protocol now also supports more things, like bookmarks (with autojoin), password-protected rooms, configuring MUC rooms, service discovery and gateways. Roster is a bit fancier now, especially in MUCs, and supports groupless mode. URIs for joining MUCs and such are handled now as well. And, support for chat state notifications is also added, so now one would see when a remote user is typing. These notifications are also sent to remote users, but for privacy-concerned users this could be disabled in settings, of course.

Some funny bugs have been fixed in Azoth. For example, one of them prevented Azoth from handling messages that had been received while the user was offline. The other caused Azoth Xoox to request all the VCards of all the VCard-less users right after coming online, which effectively halted the connection.

Various other plugins for Azoth have also been improved. Support for Psi+ and Kopete emoticons packs is implemented in Azoth NativeEmoticons, for example. Support for the and microblogging services has been improved severely. A new plugin, Azoth HiLi, allows to configure custom highlights in chat rooms.

Kinotify now supports showing a custom picture in the notification, so, for example, if an IM contact has sent you a message, the avatar of that contact (if any) would be displayed instead of standard pixmap.

We’ve also started developing a new plugin for Poshuku, FatApe, for supporting GreaseMonkey userscripts in our browser. It already works and supports almost whole API of original GreaseMonkey, but there is still no GUI for managing userscripts, so they should be placed manually into the ~/.leechcraft/data/poshuku/fatape/scripts directory.

A new plugin (except EiskaltDC++, of course) has been introduced, the GMail Notifier, which, as the name states, notifies about new mail in GMail inboxes.

LeechCraft has also moved to the new tabs system, which was originally planned for the 0.6 series. Now, the exact tab that one wants would open most of the times when hitting Ctrl+T.

Of course, there are more small improvements and fixes here or there, but describing them all in this release announce would render it completely incomprehensible.

And, sad but true, our good old Chatter plugin has been removed in favour of Azoth Acetamide, since Chatter is unmaintained.

If you are really curious, you can view our development digests related to this milestone here: #1, #2 and #3. If you are even more curious, you could view the output of git log 0.4.70..0.4.75. Beware: it’s almost 600 commits there.

Packages are already available for Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick and Natty (ppa:0xd34df00d/leechcraft, as always), and Gentoo ebuilds are also available (in the rion overlay). Packages for Fedora, OpenSUSE are in progress, as well as Windows installer.

And, well, as you may have noticed, releases have names from now on.