This page documents desktop mode available in LeechCraft starting from somewhere around 0.6.60 version. It is available only on X11.


Desktop mode is activated by adding --desktop switch to the LeechCraft command line. This switch affects both LeechCraft core (how main windows are created) and several plugins. Particularly, Fenet, KBSwitch and Mellonetray aren’t activated without --desktop even if they are loaded.

Fenet plugin is responsible for autostarting window manager and possibly a compositing manager. It also installs a .desktop file for login managers to use to properly start LC.

KBSwitch serves as keyboard layout configurator. It allows configuring the list of keyboard layouts as well as various options, like the button for groups switching, the compose key, etc.

Krigstask provides a taskbar and pager quark for SB2.

Mellonetray provides a system tray area quark for SB2.


LeechCraft running in desktop mode:

Fenet settings: KBSwitch settings: