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Development digest #16

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The last week or so Laure got the most attention, being constantly developed by Ignotus. Nevertheless, other plugins got their share of attention as well, and here is a list of some changes:

  • Added new plugin, Azoth Isterique, for removing excessive caps lock usage in incoming messages.
  • Action for changing bookmarks in Azoth right in contact list context menu.
  • #475: Allow one to join bookmarked conferences from contact list context menu.
  • Added an option to hide conference participants from the whole CL.
  • Small refactoring for bookmarks management in Azoth.
  • Allow one to save pixmap without redownloading in Poshuku.
  • Added "WatchActionIconChange" property to iconable actions.
  • More fixes for imports in Azoth AdiumStyles. Even more themes should work now.
  • #487: Uncheck dependent plugins when disabling root plugin.
  • #467: Don't remove conference participants that have left since they written our contact, but we haven't read their messages yet.
  • Fixed bookmarks manager in Azoth.
  • #465: Fixed handling of tags with the '/' symbols in Azoth p100q.
  • #466: Fixed cases when post IDs weren't detected in Azoth p100q.
  • #480: Removed excessive line breaks in Azoth p100q.
  • Lots of fixes for contact list rendering in Azoth, like configurable inter-contacts spacing, and such.
  • Fixed a couple of segfaults in Aggregator on exit.