Last couple of weeks we mostly fixed small issues and implemented not-so-big feature requests here or there. There are some changes worth emphasizing, though.

First, Azoth Xoox, our XMPP protocol implementation, now properly caches information about clients’ capabilities and doesn’t rerequest vCards when they surely haven’t been changed. This actually allows conserving bandwidth quite a lot.

Second, tabs unclosing system moved to a separate plugin, TabSessManager, and became global. Support for this system already existed implicitly in Poshuku for some time, and now Azoth also supports it, which means that one can easily unclose a just closed chat. And, well, the Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut is working again!

Third, settings for theme and theme variant in Azoth settings are now separated. So, variants only relevant to currently selected theme are shown in a separate combobox. This allows themes to be much more manageable then it were before.

Azoth Acetamide, the IRC implementation, also got a lot of improvements and fixes for protocol part as well as behavioral changes.

A bit more full list of changes looks like this: