LeechCraft milestone 0.4.80 “Cow Killer” is just released!

This milestone mainly focuses on the Azoth IM client and the XMPP protocol implementation Azoth Xoox.

Among the most important changes are:

We’ve also begun working on the new notifications infrastructure, and that has been described in details in the corresponding digest.

Those interested can view all the major changes in the corresponding digests (#4, #5, #6, #7), while even more curious could just do git log 0.4.75..0.4.80.

Packages are already available for Ubuntu Lucid, Maverick and Natty (and, thus, Debian testing/unstable). Gentoo ebuilds are also available. Packages for Fedora and openSUSE would be built a bit later.

By the way, since the last milestone about a month ago, LeechCraft was included into official repositories of openSUSE and RFR.

And now some screenshots: