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LeechCraft 0.4.96 is released

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LeechCraft 0.4.96 "Far Beyond The Days Of Grace" is released!

This is mostly a bugfix release. The only non-bugfix thing is a new status icon theme Likey made by Like-all. Make sure to check it out in Azoth settings!

Among the fixed bugs are the following ones:

  • #511: Failure to readd the accounts once they are deleted in Poshuku OnlineBookmarks.
  • Fixed build of SecMan SecureStorage.
  • Fixed handling of media players in Azoth Xtazy that were started after LeechCraft had been started.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles: support styles using tags other than div for marking message insertion places.
  • Fixed handling of /me in Azoth AdiumStyles.
  • Members-moderators are now able to kick participants in Azoth Xoox.
  • Fixed Drag-n-Drop of a contact on itself in Azoth Metacontacts.
  • Authorization issues were fixed in Azoth.
  • Self PEP events are also handling in Azoth Xoox now.

The tarball is available here, and packages for supported OSes and distros will be available shortly.