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Development digest #14

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Last couple of weeks was dedicated to Poshuku OnlineBookmarks. Thanks Oleg Linkin aka magog for all his work on that plugin.
DZhon also did a lot to make LeechCraft more buildable and manageable on Windows. He contributed some Windows-related fixes to LeechCraft as well. Lots of thanks as well :)

  • Reworked Poshuku OnlineBookmarks: it's almost rewritten from scratch. Particularly, it now supports its own plugins, and exact bookmark services are implemented as plugins. Currently supported services are Read It Later and
  • Implemented Azoth OTRoid for supporting Off-The-Record messaging system in Azoth.
  • Initial work on Choroid, our nice image viewer.
  • Aggregator now queues updates of feeds instead of updating them all at once: no more lags on update!
  • Allow one to set password in account configuration dialog in Azoth, closes #403.
  • Last Activity is now set properly in Azoth Xoox.
  • Azoth Xoox now respects lack of support for XEP-0085 in other clients.
  • Azoth now sends directed chat state participation events.
  • Lots of small fixes in Azoth and Azoth Xoox.
  • Fixed a rare though possible segfault on exit in Azoth Chathistory.
  • Lots of Win32-related improvements.