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Development digest #15

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In the last couple of weeks we mostly fixed bugs, but a few new interesting features were also introduced. Firstly, a small plugin called KnowHow was added, which displays tips of the days on startup. Then, Ignotus made a lot of stuff in Potorchu, our libvlc-based media player, and it even was renamed to Laure. Finally, Poshuku migrated to another kind of web view, resultin in a slight performance increase.

But those are not all the changes! So here is the more or less full list:

  • Added KnowHow plugin for displaying tips of the days on startup.
  • Potorchu, our libvlc-based media player, was renamed to Laure and got so many improvements that it's hard to describe them all here.
  • AdvancedNotifications now supports enabling/disabling rules and single shot rules.
  • Poshuku now supports enabling WebGL for corresponding QtWebKit versions. And it really works!
  • Poshuku migrated to QGraphicsView-based web view, resulting in a bit increased performance, especially with effects-rich CSS3-(ab)using web sites.
  • Azoth and Azoth Xoox now support inviting to MUCs.
  • Azoth now supports dragging contacts between groups.
  • Files could be sent via IM by dropping them on corresponding contacts.
  • Metacontacts could be created by dropping contacts on other contacts in Azoth.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles now supports variants for styles.
  • Azoth now allows one to disable the display of contact statuses.
  • Core now supports tooltips for settings items.
  • "Diagnostic info" tab in Core.
  • More agressive caching of resources in core and Kinotify so that much less disk access is required now. Improves performance and battery life in notebooks a bit, preventing necessary HDD spinups.
  • Lots of small fixes for Otzerkalu.
  • Saner buddy avatar display in chat tab in Azoth.
  • Lots of other small fixes in Azoth.
  • Fixed themes that include much external resources from disk in AdiumStyles.
  • Some fixes for Poshuku OnlineBookmarks.
  • LackMan now works with Windows.