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Development digest 18

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Last few weeks we were mostly busy polishing LeechCraft for the 0.4.95 milestone, so don't expect this digest to contain lots of new fancy features and such — it's more about bugfixing and small improvements.

So, what've we got for you?

  • Added Poshuku Pogooglue plugin for instantly searching selected text in Google.
  • Lots of improvements in Laure, as always.
  • Added Gajim style to Azoth StandardStyles.
  • Added context menu for nicknames in MUCs in Azoth.
  • Azoth now can optionally append a message to the chat view whenever participant ends the conversation.
  • It is possible now to disable sending "conversation ended" chat participant state events in Azoth.
  • Configurable text post-address text in Azoth.
  • Added the Quote action to the chat view context menu of Azoth.
  • Added support for itpc in Aggregator.
  • More lexers in Popishu: added Octave and Matlab lexers.
  • Show line numbers and wrap words by default in Popishu.
  • Azoth Acetamide now supports SSL connections.
  • LeechCraft now opens URLs in external applications if those URLs couldn't be handled by LeechCraft plugins.
  • Several fixes for interoperability of Azoth OTRoid with other Azoth plugins.
  • Fixed package deinstallation in LackMan.
  • Fixed toolbar visibility control in Core.
  • Fixed leaking search widgets in Azoth.
  • Fixed colors for pre-nick/post-nick text in Azoth StandardStyles.
  • Use automoc feature of CMake 2.8.6 and later. Fixes lots of warnings from moc during build process.
  • Fixed a segfault in LackMan when cancelling installation of packages.
  • Fixed fetching scripts in Poshuku FatApe.
  • Fixed userscripts detection in Poshuku FatApe.
  • Fixed segfault when clearing mood in Azoth Xoox.
  • Lots of fixes for Poshuku OnlineBookmarks.
  • Fixed item view not being updated sometimes in Aggregator.
  • Fixed Clear chat behavior in Azoth.