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Development digest #19

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Only four days have passed since our last digest, but nevertheless we are publishing a new one, since today is... Well, read the next post for that :)

So, in these four days we managed to do the following:

  • Tought Azoth Xoox to handle xmpp:...?message links.
  • Top used status is shown on Fast Change Status button in Azoth now.
  • Optimized timers in LeechCraft, so that it, for example, on my machine it causes CPU wake ups 13-17 times per second instead of 50-60.
  • NPAPI plugins are disabled now in Poshuku since that fancy QGraphicsView stuff cannot work with them anymore.
  • Fixed segfault when deleting bookmarks in Poshuku.
  • Fixed build of EiskaltDC++ with CMake 2.8.6 and later.
  • Added kludges for Qt 4.8 in Poshuku OnlineBookmarks Read It Later.