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Development digest #25

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Since the 0.5.70 release, we've added the Lads plugin, which provides some basic integration facilities with Unity, like displaying LeechCraft menu in Unity's Launcher.

Except that plugin, we mostly worked on LMP, and had some fixes in other plugins. So here are some changes:

  • Azoth: updated contact list delegate.
  • Azoth: highlighting groups is now optional.
  • Azoth Xoox: always show JID in the vCard.
  • GMailNotifier: if the username isn't set, the error is shown only once.
  • Kinotify: support for X11 systems fullscreen detection.
  • LastFMScrobble: support for requesting recommended artists.
  • LastFMScrobble: support for Last.FM radios.
  • LastFMScrobble: support for requesting recent releases in user's library.
  • LastFMScrobble: some scrobbling queue fixes.
  • LastFMScrobble: fetch artists biography.
  • LMP: support radio sources & allow one to play radio streams.
  • LMP: display personal recommendations for the user.
  • LMP: display recent releases for user's musical taste.
  • LMP: display biography of the currently playing artist.
  • LMP: configurable transition time between tracks.
  • LMP: current item is saved between playlist modifications.
  • LMP: album art can be viewed in full size in some places.
  • LMP: support undo/redo in playlist.
  • LMP: notify when local collection is updated.
  • LMP: on-start directory iteration is async now.
  • LMP: many library scanning fixes.
  • LMP: album time is properly reduced on items removal.
  • Poshuku CleanWeb: fixed a segfault on premature frame destruction.
  • Sidebar: LeechCraft menu is shown here now.
  • TabSessManager: don't add empty tabs to the unclose list.
  • TabSessManager: delayed session saving.