On last week a huge and long-awaited change has been incorporated into LeechCraft main source tree: Chrome-style tabbar. Well, actually it’s no so Chromish, as the title bar is still present and not replaced by tabs. The new tabbar is placed above the tab toolbar, which is more intuitive, and it also contains the menu button and quick launch area, so there is no need for a separate toolbar for that anymore, and that frees space a lot. The new tabbar system also supports pinning tabs, but currently the pinning state isn’t saved between launches.

Unfortunately, Tab++ still doesn’t work with the new tabs, but hopefully that would be fixed soon.

Thanks to some fixes in Azoth Xoox, XMPP protocol now should be much more robust, and PEP-based features should work with ejabberd-based servers as well.

There are lots of other changes as well, among them:

This digest was against 0.4.80-539-gb671ae4 as HEAD.