We haven’t published any development digests since LeechCraft 0.4.95, and it’s time to fill the gap, since the first milestone of the new 0.6.x series, LeechCraft 0.5.60 “Hibernating Reason”, is released today!

So, since 0.4.95 we’ve introduced a bunch of new plugins. Most importantly, the following protocol plugins have been added to Azoth:

The Sidebar plugin has been added. It displays a sidebar with actions for quickly opening new tabs, and it also displays currently opened tabs and allows to switch between them. If there are more than three tabs of some kind (like web browser tabs), they are folded into single action to avoid cluttering up the sidebar. It also incorporates something like a tray area, where other plugins may embed their actions or status icons. It is planned that some day Sidebar would supersede our current tabbar.

One of such plugins that embed actions into Sidebar is our new power manager plugin, Liznoo. It displays battery status in Sidebar’s tray, and it also detects when computer goes to sleep or resumes and notifies other plugins about these events. This way Azoth can gracefully close connections to servers on hibernating and resume just as gracefully when returning from sleep. Liznoo also supports displaying history of battery charge and power consumption as well as notifications about low battery charge. It also allows user to make the machine go to sleep mode or hibernation.

Session management is now centralized and performed by the TabSessManager plugin. This means in near future even things like Azoth chat tabs will be recovered on LeechCraft start. Global centralized tab unclose manager is also on its way. TabSessManager also supports explicitly named sessions, so that one can save a bunch of interesting tabs in a named session and restore them later.

NetStoreManager, plugin for management of remote network data storages like Yandex.Disk, has been added. It is modular, and for now only Yandex.Disk is supported. NetStoreManager allows to upload files easily from LeechCraft, it maintains a list of uploaded files and allows to prolongate them (if the service supports it).

Some other important changes:

Among other changes:

You can also check out the roadmap for this version for more bug reports and feature requests that were implemented in this release!

Source tarball is already available on SourceForge. Packages for supported distros will be available soon.