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Development digest #17

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The last week and a half we introduced a dozen of new packages with emoticons, affiliation icons, mood icons, chat window styles and such to LackMan's repositories. Moreover, Laure plugin again got some attention from Ignotus, and seems like it's already in quite a usable state for plain music playback. We've also introduced the More this stuff support across LeechCraft for displaying just those packages that are relevant to the context. For example, if user clicks on the More this stuff button in the chat window style setting, he will be presented with a list of available chat window styles. For that to work, our XML settings dialog markup language now supports the attribute that allows to have More this stuff buttons where needed, and LackMan now supports communicating with other plugins in order to show just those packages that are relevant to the chosen More this stuff category.

Poshuku hover boxPoshuku hover box

Among other changes:

  • Added the "Group send" feature to Azoth.
  • Poshuku: display links on hover in a nice box on the viewport instead of status bar (see the screenshot on the right).
  • LackMan now gives a bit more space to the descriptions of the packages.
  • Added periodical updates feature to LackMan.
  • AdvancedNotifications now supports toggling audio notifications via quick launch area and tray menu.
  • Aggregator now supports removing individual channels by user.
  • Allow one to disable displaying conference join/leave events in Azoth.
  • Azoth now has buttons to install more different icons/themes in settings.
  • Fixed layouts a bit more in Settings tab.
  • #489: fixed displaying image in Azoth p100q from original post in each comment quote.
  • #492: hide Inspect action in Azoth context menu when developer extras are disabled.
  • Fixed viewport size issues in Poshuku.
  • Fixed rare emoticons mishandling in Azoth.