Since previous development digest we’ve introduced 4 new plugins, and we feel like it’s just the time to make another one digest.

One of the new plugins is Otlozhu — a GTD-inspired TODO manager. It won’t be an all-in-one PIM/organizer, so don’t expect schedules, events, meetings, address books and stuff like that in it. It’s point is to be a simple a clean way of keeping tracks of things you’ve got to do. Like GTD suggests, the less time you spend organizing your organizer, the better. For now it supports tagging items, (optional!) due dates, notifications, percentage of completeness, sorting and filtering by tags.

Other plugin is XProxy which is an advanced proxy configurator, allowing to configure proxies on a per-host and per-port basis.

Two other plugins are rather hidden most of the time. First is Dolozhee which is a bug reporting and feature requesting tool — basically, a client for our issue tracker. The other one is KBCraft which supports keeping track of what keyboard layout is active for which tab, so that different tabs can have different keyboard layouts.

Among other changes: