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Development digest #24

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Last two weeks were mostly dedicated to the LMP media player and everything that's around it. Some other plugins also got their fair share of improvements, so let's just move to the changes list:

  • Core: fixed a rare bug preventing to edit shortcuts.
  • Overall: changed tabs system to delegate tabs recovering to modules like TabSessManager.
  • Azoth: properly handle removal of styles.
  • Azoth: don't replace smiles in the middle of words.
  • Azoth: support showing/hiding accounts.
  • Azoth Rosenthal: get rid of bundled Hunspell, use system's one instead.
  • Azoth Vader: support assigning phones to contacts.
  • Azoth Vader: protocol logging is now optional.
  • Azoth Vader: removed excessive auth requests.
  • Azoth Vader: fixed a rare segfault on giving authentication.
  • Azoth Vader: better buddy handling on authentication operations.
  • Azoth Xoox: enable to add/edit/remove phones and emails in VCards.
  • BitTorrent: show more information in Summary like uploading speed and number of seeders/leechers.
  • DeadLyrics: rewritten to provide texts to LMP using Amarok descriptions.
  • Kinotify: disable notifications on fullscreen apps so that user isn't distracted if he plays a fullscreen game or watches a movie (Win32 only yet).
  • LMP: support requesting lyrics.
  • LMP: manipulate collection via the FS tree.
  • LMP: allow one to stop after a given track.
  • LMP: automatically request album art for collection.
  • LMP: added system tray icon.
  • LMP: save last played song and play mode.
  • LMP: support for Drag-n-Drop here or there.
  • LMP: support for XSPF and PLS playlists.
  • LMP: support rescanning collection.
  • LMP: fixed issues with TagLib reentrancy.