Since the last development digest we’ve did a bunch of improvements here or there, and added a couple of new plugins.

The most exciting improvement is that NetStoreManager now supports Google Drive service, and its core was reworked so that now it can easily support other similar cloud storage services like Yandex.Disk. For now only uploading and fetching the list of already uploaded files works. Since the original Yandex.Narod doesn’t fit the new idea of NetStoreManager, its support will be removed after this milestone.

The other important module adds support for the service in LMP. Only playlists, transcoding and uploading works, but this module (and corresponding changes in LMP core) lay foundation for other services like Google Music.

The third added plugin is not that exciting, but has been requested quite a lot: it’s a birthday notifier module for our Azoth IM client. It takes information about birthdays from contacts’ vCards, and one can also configure the desired days on which to notify.

Among other changes: