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Development digest #30

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Only a week has passed since the 0.5.80 release, but we've already done quite a lot!

First of all, radio support in LMP has been reworked, and a new plugin has been added, HotStreams, which provides access to lots of different radio stations, like the ones on Digitally Imported, SkyFM, SomaFM and more.

Then NetStoreManager has been improved a lot and now better supports intuitive drag'n'drop operations. Also, the NetStoreManager's aim is a bit different today from what it was planned for almost a year ago, so the initial Yandex.Narod service subplugin has been removed as being obsolete. When we settle with the Google Drive support, Yandex.Narod will be replaced with a full-blown Yandex.Disk integration module.

Third, the Liznoo power management module now supports FreeBSD platform, thanks to the contributions of a guy who chose to remain anonymous.

And the settings tab has been also cleaned up a lot: subplugins' settings now reside in their parent plugins settings pages.

There is also a bunch of other smaller changes:

  • Core: use native file dialogs.
  • Azoth: adjust variant chooser to contents.
  • Azoth: fixed non-expanding smiles in smiles chooser.
  • Azoth: MUC-aware groups sorting (MUC groups are now at the bottom).
  • Azoth: optional separate MUC log.
  • Azoth: fixed handling of tabs losing focus.
  • Azoth: fixed several segfaults.
  • Azoth Acetamide: support 307, 310, 320, 378 answers for UnrealIRCD.
  • Azoth Acetamide: default IRC port is 6667 now.
  • Azoth p100q: support in-place insertions instead of replaces.
  • Azoth p100q: fixed last ID shortcut (it's Ctrl+Shift+P now).
  • Azoth Xoox: detect and eliminate duplicate bookmarks.
  • Azoth Xoox: fixed a bug in stanza generation in XEP-0016.
  • Azoth Xoox: proper Cancel/Auth error handling.
  • Azoth Xoox: don't reconnect on account nick change.
  • Dolozhee: fixed reporting Core issues.
  • Kinotify: configurable screen corner for the notifier balloon.
  • LackMan: remove caching.
  • LMP: added listview-based tabs switcher.
  • LMP: added buffer status indicator.
  • LMP: added collection statistics dialog.
  • LMP: new collection items are added immediately.
  • Poshuku: fixed error page template.