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LeechCraft 0.5.99 is released

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LeechCraft 0.5.99 "Some Kind of Monster" is released today.

This is the last pre-0.6.0 release, and again it incorporates only bug fixes from the master branch (few this time!). It is released (almost) on 12th July, the same day that pastafarianism officially became a religious group here in Russia, which is quite an important event due to general country clericalization with a strong bias towards Ortodoxy.

Enough for politics, though, here comes the list of improvements and fixes:

  • AN: fixed a typo in a user-visible string.
  • AN: updated English and Russian translations.
  • Azoth: auto-request logs for MUC participants as well.
  • Azoth: fixed font zooming in fixed-font MUCs.
  • Azoth CH: don't test the entry type, leave that to core.
  • LMP: fixed a segfault on removable device removal in sync widget.
  • Lemon: added Qwt 6.1 compatibility.
  • Liznoo: added Qwt 6.1 compatibility.
  • Monocle Mu: link to openjpeg and jbig2dec, required by mupdf.
  • Poshuku CleanWeb: fixed a rare segfault.