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Development digest #26

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This week we got a license for Intel VTune CPU profiler for non-commercial use, so some stuff was heavily optimized. For example, LeechCraft now starts much faster, especially if Azoth has a bunch of items in its contact list.

So, here's the changelog:

  • Core: added --list-plugins and --safe-mode options. The former just lists the plugins that LeechCraft has found, and the latter starts LeechCraft without any of them, allowing to disable those failing.
  • Core: added Select All and Select None buttons to the plugin manager.
  • AdvancedNotifications: added Urgent hint handler.
  • Azoth: message text is stored in tab info, so it's recovered as well.
  • Azoth: MUCs are rejoined on tab recovery.
  • Azoth: added an option to alias KP_Enter to Enter.
  • Azoth: even non-chat nicknames can be dragged now from contact list.
  • Azoth: multiple performance improvements.
  • Azoth AdiumStyles: support for SenderColors.txt.
  • Azoth ChatHistory: added a calendar for choosing dates.
  • Azoth ChatHistory: clickable links in History.
  • Azoth StandardStyles: added a bunch of standard styles by Pendruk.
  • Azoth Xoox: severely optimized load time, especially with big roster.
  • LastFMScrobble: allow the user to choose the language of the info.
  • Liznoo: hide the dialog after second click on its action.
  • LMP: added support for MPRIS.
  • LMP: directory iteration now optionally supports symlinks.
  • LMP: track properties for Now Playing, FS, Collection and playlist.
  • LMP: EnableScrobbling setting is now respected.
  • LMP: some scanning fixes, a couple of segfaults has been fixed too.
  • LMP: fixed compatibility with TagLib < 1.7.
  • LMP: fixed some segfaults.
  • Poshuku: removed tooltips generation.
  • Sidebar: support embeddind dock visibility actions.
  • TabSessManager: fixed Select All and Select None buttons.
  • TabSessManager: fixed tab close handling.