A month has passed since previous development digest, and LeechCraft got some huge improvements.

First of all, the NetStoreManager module now supports synchronization, watching the file system for changes to automatically upload new or changed files in watched directories. For now the file system watcher is inotify-only, so this won’t work on platforms other than Linux. And, of course, this is quite an experimental feature for now — use at your own risk.

Then, Poshuku CleanWeb module was optimized and improved a lot. Particularly, its performance was increased by an order of magnitude, and it now supports using PCRE as regexp matching engine, since QRegExps are quite slow. CleanWeb now supports a much wider subset of AdBlock+ rules, including separator-based rules and selector-based element hiding.

Azoth and Azoth Xoox’s file transfer capabilities were also improved. Azoth now supports sending files both by protocol means and via modules like NetStoreManager, all from a single handy dialog. Also, drag’n’drop support for file sending was improved significantly. Azoth Xoox now supports setting a SOCKS5 file transfer proxy, and by default it autodetects the one offered by the Jabber server.

LeechCraft now also supports searching the settings: the pages and sections containing the search terms are left enabled while the rest is disabled when searching.

Also, LeechCraft now builds and runs successfully on Mac with clang, and a new plugin has been added, Pierre, which provides some basic integration with Mac OS X.

Other changes: