LeechCraft milestone 0.4.85 “Co-tick” is just released!

This milestone is quite raw since it incorporates lots of changes and new features, but we couldn’t help being in hurry to deliver all the new tasties, so some subtle bugs may manifest themselves suddenly, but don’t hesitate reporting them to us!

The hottest news is that tabs have finally moved to the top of the window, so that the plugins toolbar is now under them, which is a bit more intuitive. Tabbar has been merged with main menu and quick launch area, so about 30 pixels of vertical space has been freed as well, and the interface now looks cleaner and more mature.

Here’s the screenshot of the new interface:

Eagle-eyed one could notice three little title-less tabs in the left. Yes, the new tabs interface also supports pinning tabs, but the pinning state currently isn’t saved between LeechCraft launches.

Unfortunately, Tab++ still doesn’t work with the new tabs, but hopefully that would be fixed soon.

We’ve fixed two bugs in XMPP implementation, so XMPP protocol should be much more robust now, and things like PEP should really work everywhere, especially on ejabberd servers. Another important fix is for tooltips: we don’t leak them anymore, so memory consumption growth should be much slower now.

We’ve added a bunch of new plugins, most of them for Azoth. Here’s the list:

Among changes in already existing plugins:

Lots of bugs have been fixed, among them:

We’ve also begun working on features for next milestones, for example:

More changes are covered in details in the corresponding development digests: #8 and #9.

And now some screenshots:

Packages for Ubuntu are in Launchpad queue to be compiled, Gentoo ebuilds are already available in the rion overlay, openSUSE, Fedora and Windows builds are coming.

There are still lots of interesting and tasty things to do, but this milestone gives a basic impression of what LeechCraft 0.5 would look like. Please, leave your ideas, reports, questions and any other feedback.