Today LeechCraft 0.5.0 «Saviour Welcome Home» is finally released!

This is a yet another major release of LeechCraft, and we are really proud to announce it. A lot has changed since the 0.4.0 release more than a year ago. The most significant change is, of course, Azoth — our brand new multiprotocol modular IM client. It has plugins for XMPP (quite sophisticated, in fact) and IRC protocol in this release, and support for Windows Live Messenger and Mail.Ru Agent is already in master. It also has a bunch of other plugins, like Adium styles support, antispam module, OTR encryption support plugin, spellchecker, TeX formatter and autopaster.

This release also introduces:

Also, LeechCraft was optimized a lot. Particularly, heavy RSS operations like feed updates don’t slow down the whole app anymore.

Packages for supported OSes will be ready soon. As always, instructions for installing are available on the Download page. Source tarball is already available at SourceForge.

Those interested ones may find all the release announcements corresponding to milestones in the 0.5 series by the 0.5.x tag.

Regarding the future plans, we already have the following in our master branch for the next releases:

We also plan to add support for Google Chrome extensions and move on to multiprocess WebKit (but that requires Qt 5). An intelligent application-wide semantic storage is also on its way.