Today LeechCraft 0.5.70 «Hessian Blade» is released!

The most significant change since the previous release is the all-new rewritten LMP media player, which specializes on audio and is collection-oriented. For now quite basic functions are implemented, present in most other players, like, well, local collection, static and dynamic playlists (like “50 random tracks”), support for external playlists in pls, xspf and m3u8 formats, and different playback modes, like sequential, shuffled and track/album/playlist repeat. With modules like LastFMScrobble LMP supports scrobbling listened tracks to Last.FM (and possibly other similar services), fetching missing album covers and requests for similar artists. It also can use search modules to automatically fetch lyrics for currently playing song.

Some screenshots of LMP:

The following is planned in the nearest future:

Some help would be needed for implementing support for hardware players, from platform-dependend things to testing different devices.

Among other changes the following can be noted:

More information about other changes is available in corresponding development digests: #23 and #24.

Packages and builds for supported distros and OSes will be available soon. Watch your package manager or our download page!

As always, feature requests and bug reports are welcome, and we will be happy to get any help — from code (like hardware players support) to translations and artwork!