We haven’t published development digests for almost a month, since we mostly did administrative issues, like getting into Gentoo repos, and such. Nevertheless, there is a bunch of changes:

Plugins for site mirroring (Otzerkalu) and libvlc-based media player are also in progress, but they are currently not merged in the master branch. And maybe the first one, Otzerkalu, would be in the 0.5 release.

We’ve also begun considering implementing the VFS and dashboard in LeechCraft. But unfortunately since current support for VFS implementations in Qt is declared deprecated and nothing has been proposed instead, the VFS development is currently halted.

While it’s all clear what VFS should be, things are a bit more complicated with the dashboard. The best analogue of it among the already-existing and stable projects is possibly KDE’s Plasma workspace. What we are currently thinking about is a plugin that allows to open tabs populated with different widgets written in either QML or plain-old-good C++ (or, of course, Python and other scripting languages supported by LC). There will be a whole news item dedicated to dashboard things soon.