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LeechCraft 0.4.95 is released

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LeechCraft milestone 0.4.95 "Bet It All on Black" is released.

This is the last milestone before the 0.5.0 containing new features. Further milestones (0.4.96-0.4.99) would bring only bugfixes, if any.

The development for post-0.5.0 times continues in the master branch, while things for the 0.5.0 release are getting stabilized in the 0.5.0 branch. Beware when you'd checkout sources next time :)

So, let me list some major features and improvements since the 0.4.90 release:

  • Support for XEP-0055: Jabber Search in Azoth Xoox.
  • Reworked Poshuku OnlineBookmarks: it's almost rewritten from scratch. Particularly, it now supports its own plugins, and exact bookmark services are implemented as plugins. Currently supported services are Read It Later and
  • Implemented Azoth OTRoid for supporting Off-The-Record messaging system in Azoth.
  • Aggregator now queues updates of feeds instead of updating them all at once: no more lags on update!
  • Added KnowHow plugin for displaying tips of the days on startup.
  • AdvancedNotifications now supports enabling/disabling rules and single shot rules.
  • Poshuku now supports enabling WebGL for corresponding QtWebKit versions. And it really works!
  • Poshuku migrated to QGraphicsView-based web view, resulting in a bit increased performance, especially with effects-rich CSS3-(ab)using web sites.
  • Azoth and Azoth Xoox now support inviting to MUCs.
  • Azoth now supports some operations via drag-n-drop, like moving contacts between groups, sending files to contacts and uniting contacts into metacontacts.
  • Considerably improved Azoth AdiumStyles: added support for style variants and lots of compatibility improvements.
  • Added the "Group send" feature to Azoth.
  • Poshuku hover boxPoshuku hover boxPoshuku: display links on hover in a nice box on the viewport instead of status bar (see the screenshot on the right).
  • Azoth now has buttons to install more different icons/themes in settings.
  • Added periodical updates feature to LackMan.
  • Added Poshuku Pogooglue plugin for instantly searching selected text in Google.
  • Added Gajim style to Azoth StandardStyles.
  • Added context menu for nicknames in MUCs in Azoth.
  • Azoth now can optionally append a message to the chat view whenever participant ends the conversation.
  • It is possible now to disable sending "conversation ended" chat participant state events in Azoth.
  • Azoth Acetamide now supports SSL connections.
  • LeechCraft now opens URLs in external applications if those URLs couldn't be handled by LeechCraft plugins.
  • Azoth Xoox can now handle xmpp:...?message links.
  • Lots of fixes in Azoth, Azoth Xoox and other plugins.
  • Lots of fixes for Poshuku OnlineBookmarks.
  • Optimized timers in LeechCraft, so that it, for example, on my machine it causes CPU wake ups 13-17 times per second instead of 50-60.

Moreover, our libvlc-based media player was renamed from Potorchu to Laure and got a huge portion of code and care, thanks Ignotus! Seems like this media player is already usable a bit, though it didn't get into this milestone. But it surely will be included in 0.6.0!

And here are all the digests corresponding to this milestone for those curious ones: #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18 and #19.

Packages for various Ubuntu versions, for openSUSE, Fedora and ebuilds for Gentoo would be available soon. Please note that the address of Ubuntu PPA has changed, so consult the download instructions page to get up-to-date LeechCraft!